Listen To 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Roar All The Way Up To 161 MPH

Ford is set to electrify the car market with its 2024 Mustang Dark Horse.  

A recently leaked video clip reveals the monstrous roar of this highly-anticipated electric vehicle (EV), boasting a blistering speed of 161 mph.  

The Dark Horse distinguishes itself with a retro-inspired look coupled with modern performance.

Ford's embracing of electric drivetrains ensures lower emissions and greater efficiency, while not compromising on the classic Mustang speed.  

Car enthusiasts are already eagerly awaiting the Dark Horse's launch in 2024.  

Ford has undoubtedly added an electrifying jolt to the muscle car game with this powerhouse EV,  

It remains to be seen how these clinics will impact overall safety statistics for the Mustang.